About Assigned Seats

Assigned seating is automatic in Acela First class and Northeast Regional Business class. Your seat will be assigned when you complete your reservation, but you may change your seat at any time after your reservation is complete by viewing your reservation in the Amtrak app or on Amtrak.com. There is no fee to change your seat.

Your seat number appears in your trip details in the Amtrak app and is printed on your eTicket. 

Multiple People Traveling Together

If you book your reservation together, we will assign your seats together, subject to availability. If you book separately, collaborate with your travel companions to find and change to seats next to one another. 

Changing Seats While on the Train

Once onboard, before you move to an empty seat you must change your assigned seat in the Amtrak app or on Amtrak.com. Someone may have already reserved that seat but is boarding from a station down the line, or someone else could have changed to it en route. The conductor can also assist you checking whether an open seat is available between your origin and destination.

Acela First Class

The First Class car on Acela is always either the first or the last car on the six-car train and includes both forward- and rear-facing seats. Some of the single seats turn and are always forward facing. In general, northbound Acela trains that originate in Washington have First class at the rear. Southbound Acela trains that originate from Boston have First class at the front.

Acela First Class Seat Diagram


Acela First Class Seat Diagram

Always forward facing

Northeast Regional Business Class

The Northeast Regional Business class car is the last car on the train and includes seats that are rotated to be forward-facing. Seats at the conference tables do not rotate, so may be rear-facing during the trip.

Northeast Regional Business Class Seat Diagram


Northeast Regional Business Class Seat Diagram

A schedule change, equipment change or other unforeseen circumstance may cause the planned location of the First class and Business class cars to change before departure.