Fall Travel Made Brilliant on the Great Dome Car

Stunning Views. Spectacular Opportunities.

The "Great Dome" car offers a rare and unique fall travel experience to view this season's brilliance on the Adirondack and Cardinal train. The dome is open to all passengers on a first come, first served basis on select departures. The dome car features an upper level with windows on all sides and overhead to provide the passengers with panoramic views of magnificent scenery. Book your train tickets today to kick off your fall travel adventure. Already got your train tickets? Don't forget to make a hotel reservation at your destination to complete the trip.

Where can I ride the dome car?

Downeaster (Brunswick - Portland - Boston)


August 19 - September 24, 2017

Ride the Downeaster between August 13 and September 18, 2017 and see Northern New England like never before. The Great Dome rail car is making its first ever trip to Maine and will travel along with the Downeaster on four trips each day. The vintage Dome features an upper level with windows on all sides (including the roof) that will offer passengers panoramic views of the scenic villages, coastline, marshes, streams and landscapes located all along the Downeaster route.

The seats in the upper level of the Dome Car are available at no extra cost, but they are unreserved and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Passengers are encouraged to rotate in and out of the Dome Car to allow all passengers the ability to enjoy this unique experience.

The Great Dome Car is available on these Downeaster trains:

  • Mondays through Fridays except Labor Day: 682, 683, 688, 689
  • Saturdays: 692, 693, 696, 697
  • Sundays and Labor Day: 690, 691, 698, 699


Adirondack (Montreal - Albany - New York)


September 28 - October 29, 2017

On the Adirondack train, immerse yourself in the changing tree colors and Lake Champlain vistas as you travel from Albany across the Canadian border to Montreal.

Enjoy the Great Dome car traveling northbound September 28 - October 29, 2017, on Thursday, Saturday and Monday (Train 69). Or traveling southbound September 28 - October 29, 2017, on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday (Train 68). The Dome car does not run on Wednesdays.

Dates and availability of the Great Dome Car are subject to change without notice.

History of the Great Dome Car

The only remaining dome car in Amtrak service, car number 10031, is a Great Dome car previously used on the Chicago - Seattle Empire Builder route when the train was operated by the Great Northern Railway and the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad (later the Burlington Northern Railroad). It was built in 1955 by the Budd Company for the Great Northern and carried the name "Ocean View," car number 1391. It was conveyed to Amtrak in 1971, with this car first being given the number 9361. It was renovated in 1985, renumbered 9300, and used in daily service on the Amtrak Auto Train to and from the Washington, DC and Orlando, FL, areas through 1994. It was further refurbished in 1999, renumbered to 10031, and has been used in various Amtrak services including the Pacific Surfliners (formerly San Diegans) and other charters and excursions.