Amtrak Exhibit Train

Through the display of artifacts, memorabilia and interactive exhibits, the Amtrak Exhibit Train tells the remarkable story of our advancement to become the leader in U.S. intercity passenger rail and high-speed rail initiatives.

Originally created to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2011, the Amtrak Exhibit Train allows visitors to take a complimentary, self-guided tour to learn about Amtrak history, our operations and future. In more than 40 years of growth and change, the dedication of our employees has ensured a safer, greener and healthier rail service, connecting communities across the country.

All Aboard America! Tour — Powered by Amtrak

As America's Railroad and as the link that ties more than 500 hometowns together, Amtrak employs residents and serves as an engine of economic development. We also strive to be a neighbor, partner and member of the communities we serve.

The Amtrak Exhibit Train will be visiting communities across the country. We hope you enjoy this traveling experience chock full of fun family activities. There's something that's bound to strike a chord for everyone.

Amtrak Exhibit Train Equipment

Led by a diesel-electric locomotive arrayed in an historic Amtrak paint scheme, the Exhibit Train includes three display cars (former baggage cars) that have been renovated and transformed into exhibit space. Information on major events and achievements covering more than four decades of company history are shown. At the end of the train, in a reconfigured Amfleet Café car, visitors may browse the gift shop. There are many items available for sale including Amtrak: An American Story, an illustrated company history written by employees with chapter introductions composed by past and present Amtrak leaders. In addition, a documentary DVD explores the history of Amtrak and its importance to the nation's transportation network.