Maple Leaf Cross Border Service Resumption

Effective June 27, 2022

Amtrak is pleased to announce the resumption of cross-border service on the Maple Leaf to Toronto, effective Monday, June 27.

In addition to the standard entry documentation requirements, the Canadian and United States Governments have several additional requirements for travel into Canada and the United States.

Required documents include the following AND a copy of an ArriveCAN receipt:

  • passports and travel documents
  • visas required by foreign nationals to enter Canada
  • valid permanent resident cards
  • travel documents issued to permanent residents abroad to facilitate their return to Canada
  • single journey travel documents issued to refugees selected abroad for resettlement in Canada
  • travel documents issued by Canada to persons on whom the Government of Canada has conferred protection as refugees or protected persons

ArriveCAN Receipt

All travelers coming to Canada must submit their mandatory information in ArriveCAN (free App or website), including their digital proof of vaccination and a quarantine plan within 72 hours before arriving in Canada. For more information, visit

  • If passengers are using the ArriveCAN App, they must use the most up-to-date version in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Passengers without a smartphone or without mobile data can submit their information by signing
    in online at


Minor children are subject to the same travel document and visa requirements as adults. When traveling with children, a consent letter is strongly recommended and may be requested by immigration authorities when entering or leaving a foreign country or by Canadian officials when re-entering Canada. Adoptive parents, legal guardians or persons separated or divorced are advised to keep legal and other relevant documents available to clarify custody rights.

The letter should contain:

  • authorization for the child to travel with another person and to be outside the country;
  • the name and telephone number of the parents/guardian; and
  • the destination and length of stay in Canada.

Mask Requirement

Masks are mandatory for all passengers once the train crosses the border. Masks will need to be worn any time on board in Canada and in Canadian stations.


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