Can I Accept an Amtrak Gift Certificate or Transportation Certificate as Payment for Amtrak Tickets?

Amtrak Gift Certificates and Transportation Certificates are considered type "B" Vouchers.

Accept the document in exchange for tickets. You are authorized to issue a ticket at the full value with the value of the voucher used as partial payment.

Exchange of rail tickets must be processed manually. Handwrite tickets on an ARC Four-Flight Coupon. (GDS systems do not provide formats to automate the issuance of exchange tickets for rail travel.)

Once the manual ticket has been completed, fill out a REN and process the transaction through your weekly sales report as an exchange.

Those agents processing their weekly sales report through IAR will complete the "Manual Ticketing" screen before process the transaction through the "Exchange Screen."

Should you have further questions please refer to your ARC Industry Agents' Handbook for instruction on the processing of refunds through IAR.

Should you require assistance with the issuance of a ARC Manual Four Flight Ticket please contact the Amtrak Travel Agency Service Center.