Ticketing and Debit Memos


GDS users ticketing Amtrak will print value-bearing paper tickets that are reported through ARC. Currently, travel agents making reservations through a GDS do not have the capability to issue electronic tickets for Amtrak travel. The passenger must present the agency-issued paper ticket to the Amtrak conductor onboard.

Amtrak RailAgent and the Rail Europe online booking options automatically generate eTickets, where available, once payment has been made. PNR changes cannot be made via the RailAgent or Rail Europe sites. Please use the appropriate site to cancel the current booking and make a new reservation.

Debit Memos

Agency ticketing errors and/or fare violations may result in a debit memo. If you have received a debit memo please contact Amtrak Travel Agency Accounting at 215-349-4972 or by fax at 215-349-4968.