How an International Travel Agent or Tour Operator Sells Amtrak Tickets

Amtrak RailAgent Is Here to Help

Amtrak RailAgent enables international travel agents and tour operators to offer Amtrak as a part of your clients' "Visit USA" itineraries. Some of the benefits of Amtrak RailAgent include:

  • Live connectivity to the Amtrak reservation system
  • Commission for agents and operators
  • Quick registration process
  • User-friendly web access
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Tickets on departure
  • Extensive information
  • Instant confirmation by e-mail

For more information, visit Amtrak RailAgent today or send an e-mail with your questions to If you are calling from the US or Canada, dial 1-800-805-9114; from the United Kingdom, 0808-234-4630; from Australia, 1-800-62-8923. Visit for additional resources, to request brochures, familiarization tours, 75AD fares, marketing, images, etc.