Sustainability Policy

In July of 2013, the Amtrak Executive Committee approved the company's first Sustainability Policy. For Amtrak, sustainability means balancing the immediate needs of the organization with the needs of future generations. It also means creating long term business value by working to integrate environmental, financial, and social considerations into the company's business decision making processes.

Our Sustainability Policy has led us to implement a corporate-wide Sustainability Program. With a focus on environmental, economic, and social factors within the organization, our Sustainability Program is part of a strategy that will help Amtrak continue to evolve into the kind of organization that makes the most efficient use of resources, is a good neighbor in the communities we serve, and continues to provide a smart choice for the traveling public. In order to achieve success, we must work to incorporate sustainability into other company programs and initiatives. Our Sustainability Program aligns with and supports our corporate goals of Safety and Security, Customer Focus, and Financial Excellence.

The Sustainability Policy states our commitment as follows. Amtrak will:

  1. Conduct its passenger rail business and its related businesses and operations in a manner that incorporates the three pillars of sustainability into decision-making and risk management processes for all planning, development, operations, maintenance, and capital improvements and aligns with and supports the corporate strategic goals, values, and leadership philosophy of the company.
  2. Set continuous improvement targets by which Sustainability performance goals will be set and performance of and adherence to the Sustainability Program will be demonstrated and measured.
  3. Publicly report on initiatives and accomplishments under the Sustainability Program.
  4. Use the Environmental Management and Sustainability System as the vehicle to deliver sustainability to the organization.