Infrastructure Renewal

2019 Renewal Work

Amtrak recently completed its second phase of renewal work, rehabilitating tracks 15, 18 and 19, five turnouts in “C” interlocking, one turnout in “KN” interlocking and six turnouts in “JO” interlocking. With these projects now complete, Amtrak continues its commitment to its customers and commuters of improving New York Penn Station’s infrastructure operations, performance and reliability.

What’s next for infrastructure renewal?

Infrastructure renewal work continues through 2019. Amtrak crews are currently working to renew track 17 at New York Penn Station. This work is taking place now through March 3. 

What does this mean for my commute?

If you're an Amtrak customer, your commute will remain the same as there will be no change to Amtrak train service. If you're a commuter rail passenger, check with NJ TRANSIT and/or LIRR for any possible services changes.

How do I stay informed?

Amtrak, LIRR and NJ TRANSIT will each assume responsibility for helping their passengers navigate any changes in service or schedule.

To check the status of your train or to modify existing reservations, visit or the Amtrak mobile app.

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