Our Commitment to Safety & Security

Amtrak is part of the nation's ground-based transportation system, interconnected at thousands of points across 21,000 route miles. Unlike the airlines with single points of staffed access, the Amtrak rail system has multiple points of access, and shares facilities with commuter rail operations and city transit systems handling millions of daily passengers at hundreds of stations. In such an open system with connectivity and a free flow of large numbers of people between modes, Amtrak does not compromise its commitment to safety and security but reinforces it in various aspects:

Amtrak Police Department

Amtrak, along with the Amtrak Police Department, has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in place to ensure passenger rail security. For several years, Amtrak has made considerable endeavors.

Visit Safety & Security to learn more about how Amtrak Police safeguard America's railroad and the rail-traveling public and crime prevention tips for travelers.

Ticket Agents

Ticket agents are required to ask passengers for photo ID when purchasing tickets. The company has also reminded its nearly 19,000 employees to remain vigilant and to report suspicious activity.

Since a 2004 Security Directive from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Amtrak has carried out additional passenger identification procedures through a random ticket verification process.

Baggage Policy

Each carry-on bag must be visibly tagged with the name and address of the passenger. Passengers may use their own personal identification tags, or may obtain Amtrak baggage identification tags at station ticket offices, or onboard trains from a member of the train crew.

For the safety and comfort of our passengers, certain types of items are strictly prohibited onboard as checked or carry-on baggage.