Diversity Training

Amtrak understands the value of diversity, not only as a social imperative, but as a business one. Diversity in people brings about a diversity of thought and perspective that plays a vital role in how the company delivers customer service and meets its goals. Amtrak remains committed to maintaining a work environment that appreciates the value of its employees and the unique skills they each bring to bear on passenger rail operations.

Key to maintaining this appreciation for diversity is Amtrak's diversity training program, which makes clear the corporation's position on diversity and provides the background, information and resources necessary to work successfully in a diverse environment. This training is mandatory for all management employees, and has been integrated into existing operational training programs for all other employees to ensure a consistent message throughout the entire organization. At Amtrak, it is essential we provide employee education to assist in maintaining accountability for promoting a diverse inclusive environment.

Our diversity training program is designed to be an ongoing journey that emphasizes key principles of diversity and inclusion to ensure employees gain a level of awareness, understanding and sensitivity when managing diversity on a day to day basis. Topics include subject areas such as aspects of employment law, diversity's impact beyond the workforce, establishing the business case, behaviors that impact managing diversity, and situational exercises. Since its inception, the program has been an important vehicle used to make certain employees have a clear understanding of the company's expectations for sustaining a diverse inclusive environment.