Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee

The Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee (ACAC) is a volunteer organization established in 1997 that represents the traveling public and provides Amtrak with the "voice of the customer." Committee members are frequent Amtrak riders who commute within their specific region of the country and/or regularly travel across the country several times a year. The Committee's mission is to:

  • Support Amtrak's mission, vision and goals.
  • Establish and maintain consistent and responsive communications between Amtrak and its customers.
  • Provide direct input to management about customer perceptions of service and other committee observations and recommendations.

ACAC Highlights

Over the years, the group has worked in close collaboration with Amtrak management. Notable accomplishments resulting from the partnership between ACAC members and Amtrak, include the Employee Customer Service Award Recognition Program; Employee Customer Experience Tips of the Day; accessible station recommendations; food and beverage healthy options and the Quiet Car. ACAC members also participate in community outreach activities within their communities.

About ACAC

Established in 1997, the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee consists of 20 - 30 volunteers from across the United States who represents Amtrak's ridership and service areas. The ACAC is a diverse and inclusive group with respect to race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, location and experience. Riders with disabilities and college students also serve as members of the committee.

The Committee offers valuable feedback, comments and suggestions on every step of the Amtrak journey. Whether the topic is service, equipment, stations or, ACAC is structured to give timely feedback. The group provides direct input to Amtrak about their perceptions of service and also makes service enhancing, revenue generating and cost saving recommendations.

The Committee is divided into three subcommittees and a task force. The Northeast Corridor, State Supported Services and Long Distance Services are the three subcommittees that align with Amtrak's rail services. The Senior and Disability Task Force speaks to the unique needs of senior travelers and riders with disabilities. Each committee focuses on issues that are specific to that respective area, in addition to working with the larger committee on common customer focused issues and initiatives.

The ACAC comes together nationally to collaborate with Amtrak management on customer related issues. Committee meetings/business are primarily conducted through frequent email correspondence and teleconference calls.

Become an ACAC Member

We welcome new members on the Long Distance Subcommittee who (the year prior to joining) have taken at least six, one-way trips on Amtrak long distance routes. Each trip must be at least 300 miles each way. We welcome new members on the Northeast Corridor and State Supported Services Subcommittees who (the year prior to joining) have taken at least ten, one-way trips on Amtrak Northeast Corridor or State Supported routes. Each trip must be at least 45 miles each way. Members may also participate on the Senior and Disabilities Task Force.

Most members easily exceed this minimum annual travel requirement and must maintain the same level of travel once selected for the committee. Members also complete trip reports using a mobile app on their smart phone or tablet.

If you're interested in serving with the Committee, please forward the following information to

  1. A letter of interest explaining how your travel, customer, educational and professional experiences can benefit Amtrak and the committee's work.
  2. Current resume
  3. A list of the all Amtrak trips that you have taken during the past 12 months.
  4. A list of all planned Amtrak trips for the next 12 months.

Amtrak and NARP employees, board members and their immediate family members (spouse, domestic partner, children, parents and siblings) are not permitted to serve on the committee, as well as immediate family members of current and former ACAC members.

Membership terms run for three years with a two-term, six year maximum.

Contact the ACAC

For more information about the ACAC, send a note to Passengers with comments about Amtrak service, policies or other matters should email Amtrak directly or call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) and ask to speak with a Customer Relations representative.