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A Wonderful Train Ride to a World Wonder on Amtrak

Viewing the Niagara Falls

by Neil Morrone

Saratoga Springs, New York

Photo: Greg Knapp

A stretch of beautiful, mid-week autumn days, a wonderful destination and a very comfortable Amtrak train ride were the ingredients for a very memorable trip.

The Maple Leaf specifically, provided me the opportunity to reach the city of Niagara Falls, NY. This train ride gave me scenic views of upstate western New York. It also gave me glimpses of some of the small and big upstate cities. My personal journey, initiating from Saratoga Springs, was a seven-hour trip, all during daylight. This allowed me to get some reading in and visit fellow passengers in the Club Car over light refreshments.

My short stay in Niagara Falls, captivated by the thunderous waterfalls and enjoying the beautiful oldest state park in the nation, certainly is a cause for expressing this brief story, but riding the train was the underlining impetus for the trip.

And the return trip on the Maple Leaf made an excellent ending segment to the entire experience: more time to enjoy the views, to read and chat with passengers. I indeed shall plan other such train trips as well as longer overnight excursions.