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My Amtrak/Disneyland Adventure

A Great Time on the Southwest Chief

by Kimberly Cook

Kansas City, Missouri

On Friday evening, October 19, 2007, I boarded the Southwest Chief in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kansas City Union Station, heading to Los Angeles, California.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful trip. The staff was great, very friendly and helpful. The food was wonderful, along with the service.

I had a Roomette in Sleeping Car #330, Room #2 on Train #3. It was very comfortable, nice and private. On my way to Los Angeles, I spent my day and evening, Saturday, October 20th in the Lounge/Observation Car looking at the wonderful scenery and the relaxed surroundings of La Junta and Trinidad, Colorado, Raton, Las Vegas, Lamy and Albuquerque, New Mexico and the wonderful sunset between Flagstaff and Williams Junction, Arizona, sitting behind the mountains.

I arrived in Los Angeles Union Station on Sunday morning, October 21st to spend a few days in Anaheim, California, at the Disneyland Resort.

On Wednesday, October 24th, I returned to Los Angeles Union Station for my return trip home. Again I had a Roomette in Sleeping Car #430, Room #2, Train #4. After my evening meal, I went to my Roomette to finish out my evening. Again the staff and service was great. The ride was smooth and the view was beautiful.


This time on my way home, the Lounge Car was more crowded, so I spent most of Thursday, October 25th, in my room, but with the great big windows, I enjoyed the outdoor view. The seats were very comfortable and it was very enjoyable, again looking at the beautiful scenery I saw going out, to Los Angeles, but at a different time of the day and angle.

I arrived back in Kansas City Union Station on Friday morning October 26th, and told my parents that I was ready to do that again.

I was asked many times on my train adventure why I chose the train instead of flying. I explained that I wanted to experience a new way of traveling and Amtrak was it. The last time I took the train was the summer of 1966 when I turned five years old and I went with my grandparents — my first adventure to Disneyland. My grandfather "Dutch Wine" was the general yardmaster in the Kansas City, Kansas railroad yards for the Santa Fe Railroad for many years.

I had a fantastic trip. Thank you Amtrak for a wonderful time and experience.