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Why do we ask for the information on this page?

If we use your story on the Whistle Stop website, we would like to give you credit. We will do this by listing your first name, last name, home country, and home city and home state (if supplied). That's it. We ask for your email address so we can contact you to ask you any questions we may have about your story, and to let you know that we're going to post your story.

Of course we need your story title and story text. We also need you to give us permission to use your information and we need to know that you own all photographs you've supplied.

We will not share any of the information you provide with anybody. However, if your story contains information relating to the quality of your travel experience, it may be forwarded to Amtrak Customer Service for review. They may choose to follow up via e-mail to resolve any issue that may have occurred during the trip.

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