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The Sleeping Car Attendant is responsible for providing all services for passengers ticketed in Sleeping Car accommodations, including room preparation, luggage service and any assistance necessary to ensure a comfortable journey.

Why I Love Traveling in an Amtrak Sleeper Car

Based on my Recent Trip from California to Michigan and Back

by Carla Kliever

Keene, California

  1. Someone else drives.
  2. The driver doesn't need a map because the tracks know the way.
  3. If you are traveling with another person, both of you can enjoy the scenery all of the time and no one has to check a map, or stay awake in order to keep the driver awake. And there are no arguments about stopping for directions.
  4. Unlike in a car or plane, you can get up and walk around any time you want.
  5. You can lie down and take a nap any time you want.
  6. You can be with people and talk or play games, or you can go be by yourself in absolute privacy.
  7. You have a place to open your luggage and pull out stuff, sort your laundry before getting home, and re-pack.
  8. You have three gourmet meals a day and someone else cooks them and washes the dishes.
  9. You have a place to keep your cell phone or other devices charged, and, except in canyons, can make calls any time you want.
  10. You see beautiful country, many times going where cars can’t go.
  11. You see and hear a lot of history as you learn how and when people first carved the land and laid the tracks.
  12. The train stations alone are either quaint and historic, or new and innovative.
  13. You sit with different people at every meal and get to hear their stories.
  14. Your Sleeper Car Attendant takes good care of you, having fresh coffee and juice ready each morning, bringing extra pillows or blankets, setting up your bed or seats each night and morning, answering all your questions.
  15. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun instead of tense and rushed.
  16. You have time to read, rest, and write before and after returning from your destination, so you don’t experience travel fatigue.
  17. You don’t have jet lag because you have eased into and out of each time zone rather than racing through them.
  18. When you sit with other passengers, you can face them rather than be crammed up against them in a row. This is easier on your neck, and it promotes conversation.
  19. If you love freight trains, this is your chance to be where they are, go where they go, mingle with them in railroad yards, and be up close to their mighty engines. Even a delay on a siding while a freight train passes you is a thrill.
  20. The movement of a train can lull you to sleep, bump you gently into friendly strangers and roll you across the terrain in a steady, low rumble. The sensation stays with you for about three days after your trip, and it is a marvelous reminder of what you just had the joy of experiencing.