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Our Heartland Flyer Trip

Already Looking Forward to Doing It Again

by Greg Jamis

Wichita, Kansas

My wife and I love to take train trips. Later this summer we are taking the Southwest Chief to Los Angeles for our four-year anniversary. Were taking the same train, the same week, and staying in the same motel on the beach as we did for our honeymoon.

She just got out of school last weekend, and we decided that we couldn't wait until the end of summer to enjoy the train. So we booked a weekend trip to Fort Worth from Oklahoma City. We always get a Roomette on the Chief, so Coach was a little different for us. But you meet some nice people on the train where ever you sit.

When we got to Fort Worth about one in the afternoon, we went looking for lunch and found a great place with all-you-can-eat ribs. I had to drag the wife back to the train — she was ready to spend the week there.

We did a little shopping and it was back to the station for the trip back to Oklahoma City that same day. May have to do that trip again for her birthday in August.

We did have a very nice trip on the Heartland Flyer, with the very nice staff. Looking forward to it again.