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Arizona to Texas

by Richard Kjeldgaard

Surprise, Arizona

As a kid I took the train from San Diego to Los Angeles a few times coming back from vacation. Train travel did not come up again until 30 years later when my wife and I started taking longer trips to other states. I don't like to fly so we decided I'd take the train and she would fly a few days later and I would pick her up at the airport. That way we'd both be comfortable.

I knew train travel would offer me the opportunity to see some of the wide open spaces you don't see in the city or on a airplane. Last September I took a train from Maricopa, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas. It was a great trip, as I spent two nights in the economy bedroom. The great thing was waking up and seeing the landscapes as they went by my window. The towns we stopped in were memorable as well the most memorable was Alpine, Texas. Overall, a great and comfortable trip.

In a bit, I'm boarding Amtrak again for a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. I can't wait for the memories that await.