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Named after the original classic streamliner of the same moniker, the name of the daily New York to Miami Silver Meteor was inspired by its gleaming silver stainless-steel passenger cars and reputation for speedy service.

From the Real World to Fantasy at Walt Disney World

Unforgettable Walt Disney World Vacations Made Easy by Amtrak

by David Kriso

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Are you a die hard Disney fan? How many times have you traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida? Do you have a favorite Disney World trip? No matter how many times you go down to visit, you never seem to get enough of the place. You never, ever want to leave. There's always something new added, or some special celebration going on.

The really big question I need to ask you is "Have you ever thought of taking the train to travel to Walt Disney World?" If no, it is an incredible experience. You'll enjoy the train ride more than flying. Amtrak is your Cinderella stagecoach to the castle.

Taking the train to Walt Disney World is very easy. It's a lot less stressful than dealing with the airports. The train is the perfect solution to avoiding those troubles. Once you know when you'll be staying in Walt Disney World, it's time to make your train reservations and Amtrak is a click or phone call away. To let you in on a secret, there are two ways to take the train to Walt Disney World. Here they are.

I am a former Walt Disney World cast member and have been going to Walt Disney World for most of my existence. Instead of the hassle of getting to the airport, head for New York or Newark Penn Station. There are two trains to choose from when traveling to Kissimmee, Florida in central Florida by train: the Silver Star or the Silver Meteor. Both trains travel the same route to Miami and back. The Silver Star departs late morning, while the Silver Meteor departs late in the afternoon.

The trip from New York or Newark to Kissimmee is a tremendously thrilling experience. On the first leg of the route, the train will take you down the Northeast Corridor. It is the main Amtrak line between Boston and Washington DC, making station stops at Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore. When you arrive in Washington DC, the train will change crew and engines.

When underway again, the train pulls through a tunnel under the north end of town and merges with the CSX main line. The train then crosses over the Potomac River into Virginia, and follows the CSX main line all the way down the eastern seaboard to Miami. Along the way, you'll be lucky to spot the infamous Tropicana juice train with refrigerator cars are painted orange and white. So, keep your eyes "peeled."

The next day, you arrive in Kissimmee, the station stop immediately following Orlando. Kissimmee Station is located approximately twenty minutes from the Disney property. There are a wealth of local transportation options that will get you from the station to your lodging or straight over the parks.

The Silver Star and the Silver Meteor have baggage cars and Amtrak has a very convenient baggage check-in system with checked baggage service at all major terminals. If you choose to check in any luggage, be sure that your bags have identification tags attached to them. To ensure a stress-free check-in process, arrive at New York or Newark Penn Station approximately one hour prior to departure.

Taking the train to Walt Disney World is highly convenient. Dealing with the airport delays and the luggage fees is no way for anyone to start a Disney trip. When onboard Amtrak long distance trains, the staff treats you with great respect. From the moment you leave the New York area, you'll to enjoy your vacation in absolute comfort. While you and your family are enjoying the sunset on your southbound journey to Kissimmee, Amtrak has your ticket to a true fairy tale vacation. You think Disney's cast members do a superb job keeping you well entertained? You will also be thanking the great people onboard your train for "going the extra mile" to do the same.