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Trip Planning Goes Interactive

Explore the Routes; Go Inside a Sleeper Car

Whether you're dreaming of your next vacation, taking a simple same-day trip, or finding out all there is to know about Amtrak, the Route Atlas and Sleeper Car Virtual Tour make your trip planning easier than ever before.  These easy to use, interactive tools are not only an added convenience for current train travelers, but they also entice those who have not previous traveled by train because of unfamiliarity with the system or equipment.



The Route Atlas is an easy to use interactive map that helps you explore all the places Amtrak travels. Search by station, route, or region; or plot custom routes to see the available itinerary options between any two stations. Each station and route shown on the map link to more information, including stations served, addresses, hours of operation and other details. As an added benefit, school-age train travelers can also learn valuable geography lessons while plotting possible journeys.


For those who've never been on a long-distance trip by rail, the sleeping accommodations options can be mysterious. Practical questions like, "Is there a shower onboard?", "Does my room have a private bathroom?" and "How do rooms convert for sleeping at night?" often come up. That's where our Sleeping Car Virtual Tours come in. These invaluable interactive tools put you onboard so you can survey the various room options in each type of Sleeping Car before booking your travel. Start planning your trip today with these easy-to-use web-based tours.