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You have probably shared stories with friends and family of your experiences riding Amtrak. We invite you to share them with others who can understand and appreciate how you feel about rail travel. Your stories and photos from your trips will be posted as we receive them.

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Long Distance Relationship Made Shorter on Amtrak

Celebrating the Best Birthday Ever

• Northeast Regional

30-Day Rail Pass for My 30th Birthday

A 9,956-Mile Journey Starts with One Amtrak USA Rail Pass

• City of New Orleans
• Southwest Chief
• Sunset Limited Train

Train Trip to Lexington BBQ Festival

Taking the Grandkids for a Train Ride

• Carolinian / Piedmont

Senior woman rides Coach on Amtrak

The Wonderful People You Meet on a Train

We Were Thrilled with our Trip from St. Louis to San Antonio

• Texas Eagle

Our Bucket List Train Trip Across America

Spectacular Views and Friendly Old School Service


Empire Builder
Southwest Chief

Journey Across America

Celebrating 50 Years of Life

Photo Gallery

California Zephyr
Capitol Limited
Coast Starlight
Empire Builder


Ethan Allen Express
Maple Leaf

Going Silver on the East Coast with Amtrak

From Florida to Connecticut on the Silver Star and the Northeast Regional


Silver Service / Palmetto

Discovering Vermont and Beyond by Train

The Scenery Can't be Beat


Ethan Allen Express



Amtrak Hospitality

A Fantastic Experience on the Capitol Limited


Capitol Limited


Sunset Limited Train

Skip Driving and Take a Train Vacation

Great Fall Trip on the Empire Builder


Empire Builder

Dining Car Deliciousness

Simple Savory Goodness Found in Amtrak Salmon and Steak Dinners



Photo Gallery

Empire Service

The Pennsylvanian Train is the Relaxing Way to Travel to Pittsburgh

Skip the Traffic and Weather Mess and Catch the Train Instead



Winter Wonderland on the Coast Starlight Train

Waking Up to Breathtaking Scenery


Coast Starlight

Our Beautiful Train Journey from the High Deserts to the Lush Bay Area

Why the Train is Better Than Any Other Mode of Transportation


Coast Starlight
Southwest Chief


Cardinal / Hoosier State

Amtrak First Timers

Riding the City of New Orleans to Mardi Gras


City of New Orleans

A Cowboy's Journey on the Train

Bringing the Spirit of the Old West Onboard


Pacific Surfliner

Awesome Service

A New Junior Conductor Inducted Onboard


Illinois Services

Family Fun on the Auto Train

A Boy's Dream Realized


Auto Train

Black History Tour on Amtrak

USA Rail Pass Takes Us to Cities Where the Civil Rights Movement Unfolded


City of New Orleans
Northeast Regional