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The Journey Back to Rose Creek Farm

Homeward Bound

by Kat Fry

Jefferson, Texas

This was my first trip on a US train and I loved it. My husband Jesse and I had become old pros on the trains in Europe, but a childhood experience left him refusing to ever ride the rails back home. I on the other hand harbored a burning passion to give Amtrak a try. In June I got my chance.

My mother JJ, who lives in Arlington, over three hours from our small farm in East Texas, was hospitalized. We tried driving back and forth for a time, but with gas prices so insanely high this was not an option for long.

When it came time for me to head back to Rose Creek Farm, I got a ticket on the Texas Eagle from Fort Worth to Longview. My daughter Traci waited at the station with me, even through the hour-plus delay of my train's arrival.

Once aboard, it was pure joy. I met several wonderful seat-mates from different parts of the US — some first-timers and some seasoned riders. While there were a few more delays, the journey itself was all that I could have hoped for. The crew was superb. You felt like they actually cared about each and every traveler. I also opted to treat myself to the Dining Car — what a delight. Great staff, fun and interesting companions, and delicious food.


Next month I'm going back to the big city and bringing my mother out to our farm for a few weeks. Guess what? We're going on the Texas Eagle, into Marshall this time.

One of the "must-do's" on my life list is to travel cross-country to California to visit our son Tony and his family. And by the way, I was so excited to notice that one of my favorite authors, Susan Branch, travels by train frequently.

Now if I can just get Jesse to join me — it's a great way to travel. The romance of the rails lives on, with an abundance of thanks to y'all.