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Christmas on the Train to Boston

Surprise Breakfast

by Kathy Tate

Atlanta, Georgia

My sister moved from Atlanta to Boston, during which time she gave birth to her first child on October 16, 1988. My husband and I decided to take our kids to meet our new nephew/cousin for Christmas. We took the Crescent.

My husband and I along with our four children, including our four-year-old, piled into two rooms across from each other. The next morning, Christmas Day, we had a wonderful breakfast in the Dining Car. When it was time to pay, the waiter said the breakfast had been paid for. We tried to leave a tip, and he said, "that was paid for too." We later found out that a Catholic priest was onboard and was so touched to see our family together on Christmas morning, he paid for our breakfast.

Great trip - everyone should experience the wonder of train travel.