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Skip Driving and Take a Train Vacation

Great Fall Trip on the Empire Builder

by Deb Parsons

Indianapolis, Indiana

My husband and I took the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle to visit my brothers in September. I have never traveled on a passenger train before. I loved it. We got to see some beautiful country.

The best part was that I could see what I wanted because I wasn't driving. You miss so much when you drive because you have to pay attention to all the crazy drivers out there. And the interstates are boring. The Cascade Mountain range was so beautiful.

It was really nice to have the rails and trails National Park representative on the train. They are full of interesting information. Please keep that program going. We will definitely be riding the rails again in the future.

When we arrived in Seattle we were rested and ready to explore. When we fly we are always so tired, not on the train. We had a great Sleeping Car Attendant, Tanner, who was informative about all kinds of things related to trains and Seattle. Thanks Tanner.