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Scenic Tour #8: Texas EagleScenic Tour #8: Texas Eagle

San Antonio, TX - Chicago, IL

Our next Amtrak scenic adventure will take you deep into the heart of the Lone Star State. The views from the Texas Eagle between San Antonio and Dallas bring the unique history of Texas into vivid, colorful perspective.

This trip begins in San Antonio near the mission that defines the fighting spirit of Texas, the Alamo. As the Texas Eagle heads into the panoramic sweep of this open landscape, it is easy to visualize the cowboys and stagecoaches that traveled along the Texas landscape in years gone by. The immense scale of the state continues as the Texas Eagle, heads north, where the windows fill with the pine forest that cover Guadalupe State Park.

As you enter the state capital of Austin, you'll be greeted by the Colorado River. You might see brave rafters on their way to challenge the Colorado's dangerous white waters. In Austin, you'll also encounter the majestic domed capitol that is just one of the architectural highlights you'll find in the very middle of the state.

Leaving Austin, the Texas Eagle heads into wide expanse of rolling hills. This lush, green area may not be what you expect to find in Texas, but it's merely further proof that every part of the state has a different character.

As the train makes its way to Fort Worth and Dallas, the scenery changes yet again, with cattle and oil fields in every direction. This multi-layered experience is capped by the huge, shining cityscape of Dallas. It stands as a testament of how far Texas has come since the Alamo, and how bright its future looks.

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