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My Mother's Recent Journey

by Barbara Loving

San Antonio, Texas

I offer the following account, which was written by my mother Jane. We recently journeyed from San Antonio, Texas, to Washington, DC, via the Texas Eagle and Capitol Limited. She (and I) had the experience of a lifetime: she was lifted back to WWII days, where she served in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and later Women's Army Corps (WAC), and traveled by train in the line of duty. I just enjoyed the company, the experience and the service. Her account is of the journey and our wonderful experience, and her support for trains and travel aboard them.

"Recently my daughter and I had railroad tickets: San Antonio, Texas, to Washington, DC. We boarded at 7 am and had one Bedroom in the Sleeping Car. The minute we arrived to our Bedroom I knew it was going to be a fine trip. It was. We wished for nothing, it was already on the way. Really. Coffee was always there, also. The folks who worked around us knew what needed to be done and did it. Your public relations folks really know how important it is to do good work for their guests, the public.

The Dining Car really ranked. All the attendants there were so  good, and the diners ate together, talked together — a typical "mom's" kitchen.

I can't say enough about it all. Surprises abound. We did feel bad at leaving it all, but it was a wonderful time. I highly (underline) recommend traveling on Amtrak, it is a beautiful train. I guess folks hate to hear me speak about train travel, but I do believe hi-speed train also needs a lot of publicity. We believe in it. And my daughter also is a big fan of Amtrak. Thank you."