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My Mom and I

Remembering When on Amtrak

by O-higi Moncrief

Atlanta, Georgia

I remember as a kid every summer my mom, my brother and I would always take a trip on Amtrak from Newark, New Jersey to Meridian, Mississippi. I remember being in school and counting down the days to summer so I could take the trip on Amtrak.

I couldn't wait for the train to pull up and leave Newark, New Jersey. The whole time I looked outside the window looking at the beautiful scenary and the scenes changing from the busy city to the beautiful, clean south. I remember stopping in Atlanta, Georgia which is now my home but I always remember looking out at the busy interstate of 75/85.

Amtrak is wonderful... the food, the service and the journey itself is amazing. I remember telling my mom I want to work for Amtrak because I always loved being on the train. My mom would always get the conductor to come and talk to me which always made me feel like I was the most important person on the train. That's why to this day I still say Amtrak is my number 1 and I am 27.

Bravo Amtrak and Happy 40th Anniversary.