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California Dreamin

Our Favorite Way to Travel Around Southern California

by Dan Mejak

Columbus, Ohio

Each time my wife, Robin, and I go to San Diego to visit her family, we always take the train somewhere. Most of the time, we head to the greater Los Angeles area to take in a hockey game. So far we've seen four hockey games. Three of them have been in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, and one of them was a Stanley Cup playoff game in Anaheim.

Our favorite part of the trip on the Pacific Surfliner is riding along the ocean between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. There's no worries about watching the ocean go by as you are dodging traffic on I-5. In fact, it's really neat to be passing the traffic on the freeway. You can also watch the surfers and sunbathers without anything between you and the wonderful view.

The station at San Juan Capistrano is beautiful. It has a unique charm all it's own that really connects you to the rest of the community. And you don't even have to get off the train to appreciate it.

Getting to hockey games in Anaheim and Los Angeles is really easy. You can walk to Honda Center from the Anaheim station… you can even see it from the tracks. And Staples Center is very accessible from Los Angeles Union Station via the Metro subway.

Los Angeles Union Station is beautiful in it's own right. It has many modern conveniences, such as a rental car counter and electronic destination boards. You can also step back in time in this historical structure and imagine the Hollywood stars who once strolled it's halls.

Many commuters have found the train to be a way of life here in Southern California. We come back to Ohio and tell our friends what they are missing. We encourage everyone who comes to Southern California to make a day trip on the train.