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Its a Small World After All

The New Friends We Met Onboard

by Celia Schroeder


Back in 2006, my aunt and I took a trip to New York City. Since it was Easter, we decided the best way to go was in a Sleeper Car. As all you Amtrak-goers know, this comes with Dining Car service. When we ate breakfast the morning after our departure from Chicago's Union Station, we sat with a man who worked for Amtrak and his son. He was out on a trip with his son to get away, even though he was relatively close to his job.

That same day at lunch, we sat with two ladies from Milwaukee, which is very close to my town. We also found out that their sleeper was across from ours. We talked to them for an hour, then went back to our car.

The trip was wonderful, but all good things come to an end. On the way back, we decided to have dinner, even though we were Coach class. When we were seated, we saw the same two women that we met on the way to New York City traded stories of each other's trips over our wonderful dinners.

I'll never forget how small the world felt when we sat down with them that evening, and how nice they were. I guess sometimes you have to take the train if you expect to meet anyone new with an exciting story to tell.