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The Magic of the First Trip

An Ideal Journey

by Bill Limbacher

Cincinnati, Ohio

Before my first trip on Amtrak, I had always imagined the ideal journey would involve sitting in the viewing car talking to someone and enjoying the scenery.

Sometime in the mid-90s I went to Washington, DC, for my first trip by train. I remember packing 15 sandwiches, one for each hour. So, I'm sitting in the Lounge Car enjoying the Kentucky scenery and a guy about my age asked if I wanted company. "Sure," I said. We talked and looked out the window for the next 10 hours and I fed him half my sandwiches.

Experiencing my first trip just as I had imagined it cemented the magic of train travel for me. To this day I travel by train whenever possible, even if it means going several states out of my way to reach my destination.