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Living the Dream

Like Stepping Back in Time

by Darrell Dvorak

Calgary, Alberta

Both my wife and I have always loved trains. I have always loved the Art Deco design of the Dreyfuss. To be able to travel the same tracks from Buffalo to New York was great. What made the trip even better was the crew onboard. We came back from New York first class.


What really stood out was the dinner. The food was wonderful. I expected the regular microwave "fast food." What we got was unexpectedly delicious. Real food, cooked properly. I had the lamb shank and my wife had the chicken. To top off the experience was our waiter Dame, great guy.

After dinner we went back to our Roomette and enjoyed the scenery until dark. Henry, our porter, set up the room and we enjoyed a few hours of sleep to the sounds and the gentle rocking of the train. It was like stepping back in time. If you haven't done the train you are missing a great experience.