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The Sleeping Car Attendant is responsible for providing all services for passengers ticketed in Sleeping Car accommodations, including room preparation, luggage service and any assistance necessary to ensure a comfortable journey.

My 8th Grade Graduation Present

A Fun Time on the Capitol Limited

by Ray Snisko

Downers Grove, Illinois

The day was finally here. My mom drove me and my dad to the Metra Station to go to Chicago. When we arrived at Union Station everything was moving quickly.

While waiting in the ticket line, I remembered that we had booked a Roomette in a Sleeping Car and would get to stay in the Metropolitan Lounge. When we stepped into the Metropolitan Lounge, I was awed at the sight of soda fountains, plasma TVs and friendly attendants.

Soon it was time to board and we found our way to our Sleeping Car with Roomette number 8. We left Union Station right on time and met our friendly Sleeping Car attendant George. We had dinner reservations for 6:00, and while waiting in the Sightseer Lounge, we both could smell the smell of fresh cooked food and hear the happy conversations of Amtrak patrons.

As we sat down, I was a little nervous because the server said we would sit with two more people since it was only me and my dad. But, by South Bend we were all comfortable because of the friendly people who sat in front of us the nice personality of the Dining Car steward and the deliciousness of the food, especially the chocolate bundt cake for desert. We soon retired to our roomand went to sleep to the smooth rocking of the train.

When we woke up, we were just out of Cumberland and figured we should shower first before going to breakfast. At breakfast, we enjoyed another pleasant conversation. As we arrived into Washington Union Station five minutes early, I came to realize the importance of this station because it serves our nations capitol and also the importance of Amtrak, because they were the friendly people who made this wonderful trip by rail possible.

As we got off the train, we thanked our Sleeping Car attendant and looked back at the train in which we would be boarding again in three days to take us back to Chicago.

Wow, what a fun time on Amtrak. I looked forward to riding the Capitol Limited once again this summer to DC, based on the great experience I had the first time. Thanks Amtrak.