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Riding Train #59

Memories of the Old Dome Cars

by Vince S.


Black Bayou at Sunset

I remember back in the late 90's when I was going to Jackson State University, I would take Trains #58-59 all the time. My favorite memory is when the City of New Orleans still had the heritage equipment.

I would sit in the Dome Car all night, no matter how cold it got. I would sit up there in the first seat on the engineer's side and watch as the headlights bounced off the trees and overpasses as we raced and snaked our way north to Chicago through the woods of Mississippi.

It was such a great feeling to watch the signals drop from green to red, the many train meets and seeing the lights of all the small towns at night as we breezed through them. The Superliner Lounges are nice, but nothing beats riding in a Dome Car on a clear night.


Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Office of Tourism