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My Travels on the Sunset Limited

From Los Angeles to New Orleans and Back

by Betty Sommers

Los Angeles, California

In November of 2009, I took my first train trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans. It was a two day trip and I found it so accommodating I went back in December. In March I took another round trip, from New Orleans to Los Angeles and back.

It was a lovely way to spend the fall and I found that I enjoyed my travels so much this way, that there is no other way I will travel from now on.

My dinner was a wonderful steak with all the fixings, complimented with excellent service and drinks. I slept like a baby since I had taken my small pillow and clothes for sleep that kept me warm.

Everyone who serviced us was so nice and took the time to talk if information was needed or interest in a certain place was expressed. I traveled on the Sunset Limited, and enjoyed it immensely. My only regret was I did not learn of Amtrak Guest Rewards, since I would be in good graces with Amtrak on my next trip.

To meet interesting people and see parts of the United States you've never seen, I would say, "Go Amtrak." I look forward to my future travels.