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If put on its side, the Washington Monument could lay within the confines of the Washington Union Station concourse.

Silver Meteor to the Capital City

Father and Son's First Trip to Washington, DC

by Todd Lolley

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Each summer, my son Dylan and I take a train trip together. We typically take the Silver Star to Raleigh and stay with Dylan's grandmother Kim. This year, I decided since Dylan's almost seven years old that it was time to visit the nation's capital.

We took the bus from the Tampa station to Orlando where we joined the Silver Meteor for our adventure north.

The Viewliner room we had was nice and clean as always. Dylan and I settled in before having lunch. For those of you who have never been on Amtrak or have never eaten in the Dining Car, it's quite an experience having breakfast, lunch and dinner on the rails. The food is always delicious and you never leave hungry.

We arrived the next morning right on time at Washington Union Station and our sightseeing began. Dylan's grandmother, great aunt and cousins met us to give us a guided tour of their city. Over the next four days we saw more than most people do in a week. We toured the U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, Washington Monument, Jefferson Monument, Lincoln Monument, Holocaust Memorial, well you get the point. We also got to spend time with Dylan's family on my wife's side and really enjoyed getting to know them better. It was an amazing trip my son and I won't soon forget.

The train home was right on time at Union Station. We had a relaxing journey back to Tampa and a lifetime of memories.