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Family Fun on the Auto Train

A Boy's Dream Realized

by Raymond OHare

Westhampton, New Jersey

My family has a condo in Florida right outside of Disney World. My wife and I do not like to fly. I have two children, Maggie and RJ. RJ is autistic. With autism there is usually a fanatical fixation. RJ's fixation is trains — anything trains.

So we decided to take the Auto Train to Florida. The entire family was excited.

When we arrived at the train station RJ was in heaven. He ran everywhere and counted all the cars attached to the engine. My wife and I thought he would calm down after boarding. No, he was so happy, I swear his cheeks must have burned due to the smile that never left his face.

Since that time, every time we go to Florida we take the Auto Train. The entire family enjoys it.