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Little Boy on the Train

Little James Gets to Finally Ride the Train

by Phil Glennie

Lawrence, Michigan

Little James gets to finally ride the train.

James, like many four-year-olds, loves trains. We try to coordinate our routine car driving errands with the Amtrak schedule routes between Dowagiac, Michigan and Kalamazoo so that James can see the train. We often stop at stations to see the train up close and people boarding.

We also have preset viewing locations along the route just to watch the train pass. On March 25, 2011, James and I finally took the Wolverine Route trip from Dowagiac to Dearborn. His excitement to be on the train caused me to take many pictures of him, with the attached photo that is a big hit right now on my facebook page.

It was definitely one of those rare spontaneous cell phone/camera photos that actually look studio produced.