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I Ride Green

I Ride GreenThe central goal of I Ride Green is to inspire schools, families and individuals to develop lifelong habits for sustainable transportation that promote the health of the environment, the economy, and people. By learning about new and efficient technologies, the science behind pollution, and much more, this program empowers youth to be leaders of their own sustainability initiatives.

I Ride Green is a sustainability theme available as part of Green Education Foundation's (GEF) National Green Week. Green Week kicks off February 4-8, 2013, but you can choose any week between then and the end of April to be your Green Week. When you sign up, be sure to choose I Ride Green as your sustainability theme.

Eco-Transportation Tips

Review these tips to identify ways you can improve your efficiency and reduce emissions.

Recommended Reading for Eco-Transportation

Students can learn more about sustainable transportation topics with these recommended books, organized by grade level.

Amtrak Middle School Lesson Set

GEF and Amtrak partnered to develop a 10 lesson set for middle school students all about sustainable transportation. Check it out.

Eco-Transportation K-12 Curriculum

Find lessons, organized by grade level, to teach students STEM concepts using sustainable transportation examples and strategies.

Green-in-Action Awards

Share the story about your sustainable transportation project, initiative or lesson for a chance to win a cash award.