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The Crescent passes through more states (including the District of Columbia) than any other route.

Easy and Relaxing Holiday Travels on the Crescent

Just What I Needed to De-stress

by Chris Edwards

New York, New York

I fly constantly, and have had a few years recently in which I racked up over 100,000 miles per year on one airline alone. I'm used to airport congestion and weather delays and figured that something would go wrong for a quick Christmas trip to visit my family, so I decided to take Amtrak.

I'm so glad I did. I booked a Viewliner Roomette on the Crescent because I guessed that the trip would be less hassle than flying most of the way and driving the rest. I was right.

I got to New York Penn Station shortly before departure, printed out my ticket on a Quick-Trak kiosk and boarded through a stairwell to the tracks that had no line. After boarding, I settled in my room, pulled out a book, melted into the big seats (and stretched out between the two seats in the room) and watched New Jersey and Pennsylvania race by. I grabbed a drink from the Cafe Car and just chilled.

I prefer the train — it was so comfortable and offered uninterrupted, productive, relaxing time...

I never knew that long-distance trains had room service, but dinner was brought to me in my room, which was wonderful. I just read, dined and had snacks and beverages as Delaware, Maryland and Virginia raced by. I soon got into bed, read and chilled more, and drifted off to sleep.

The track was smooth, particularly on Norfolk Southern, and I slept like a log, waking up just before the train pulled into my destination in South Carolina.

After hopping off, I was in the car within literally 15 seconds and was home in about 10 minutes. No airport can beat that.

Amtrak, thank you for such a relaxing trip. I took the train one way and flew back the other way, and even though I was upgraded on the flight, I prefer the train — it was so comfortable and offered uninterrupted, productive, relaxing time, which flying doesn't really do (even when upgraded).

The Crescent is my travel mode of choice after this trip.