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Eagerly Awaiting My Next Rail Adventure

by Audrey Turner

Buford, Georiga

As a child, about once a month my sister, my mother and I took the train from Holyoke, Massachusetts, to Springfield, Massachusetts, to shop in the "big city." It was always such a treat.

In 1980, my second daughter and I traveled from Hollywood, Florida to Raleigh, North Carolina, to tour colleges she was interested in attending. We had a great time. Both Sandy and her sister chose to attend a North Carolina school and used the train to travel back and forth several times.

This past summer, at 66, I decided to forgo the usual plane journey and chose instead to take the train from Atlanta, Georgia, where I now live, to visit my sister in Ludlow, Massachusetts. It was a delightful trip and I learned some tips from regular rail travelers about more efficient packing for the train. I also learned that people who travel by train are very friendly and helpful especially when you have to carry your own luggage down three flights of stairs. Train personnel were great and the food was very good, not at all "pricey."

Now every time I hear a train whistle about town, I have the urge to hop onboard. I'm already trying to decide where my next rail adventure will take me. All aboard.