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Discovering Vermont and Beyond by Train

The Scenery Can't be Beat

by Philip Rake

Ocean City, New Jersey

As I sit here on the Ethan Allen Express, I just wanted to share with what a wonderful time my girlfriend and I have had travelling with Amtrak. Wanting to visit Montreal, but not wanting to drive or fly, we explored taking Amtrak. Thinking it would be too long a ride, we looked to breaking it up; that's when the fun started.

We went from Trenton, NJ, to Brattleboro, VT, on the Vermonter and discovered a great town (first time in Vermont). Next we stopped in Burlington for two nights, where we caught the ferry across Lake Champlain to Port Kent, NY, for the awaiting Adirondack. Then it was on to Montreal for three nights. From there, we caught the Adirondack down to Saratoga Springs, NY — another amazing town. After a wonderful evening in an 1873 mansion, we caught the Ethan Allen Express to Penn Station and home.

What a terrific trip. The New York lines can't be beat for scenery, especially in the fall. We will definitely be going back.