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College Visit

Fantastic Service Onboard

by Lance Whitehurst

Cincinnati, Ohio

My oldest daughter and I decided to try the train going out west to look at a potential college. We have done a lot of flying but never took the train. Boy where we ever glad we took the train. We didn't get a room in the Sleeping Car, but that was OK. We had plenty of room in coach and didn't have a hard time sleeping at all. The food was beyond belief and was fun meeting different people in the Dining Car.

The Amtrak staff was beyond great, especially our Car Attendant Gregory; he was great. Gregory kept the small kids on our car entertained and made sure we had everything we needed. The Conductor, Steve, was very helpful too. We were having high wind problems so we were going to be late to my destination, but Steve and Gregory made sure to update me on our arrival time. Both Steve and Gregory made you feel like you knew them forever and they made the trip that much more fun.

My daughter and I couldn't believe how relaxed the trip was compared to flying. When we got home we were not wiped out like usual, we were well rested. We are taking Amtrak again in August when our whole family takes my daughter to college.