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Fourth of July Bliss on Washington, DC to New York City Train Ride

A Proud Australian Happy to Celebrate US Independence Day

by Erik Janssen

Melbourne, Australia

One week into our whistle stop tour of the USA, our family of five has enjoyed escaping the chill of our Melbourne, Australia, winter and are relishing the delights of your Northern Summer. OK, San Francisco was a bit of a surprise with that frigid wind across the Golden Gate, but at least purchasing windbreakers wasn't too expensive.

Traveling with three teenagers means you get to actually see and do things you want to do, rather than envy those traveling as couples sans little children whilst your holiday consists of games of mini golf and shallow, somewhat suspiciously warm kiddie pools. Travel for us these days means museums, galleries and nice restaurants. All of which we have been doing a lot.

How nice then for us to be able to sit on a comfortable smooth train from Washington, DC, to New York City in air-conditioned bliss when it's 95 degrees F outside. And it's& July 4th no less. We are so lucky as a family to be experiencing the friendly staff and stranger alike, all of whom are celebrating with quiet calm their national day.

Rather than enduring the hectic rigors of another flight, another historic site not to be missed, what bliss to just sit in comfort for three hours with my family en route from one iconic city to another. You beauty.