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The Capitol Corridor was so named because it links San Jose, California's first state capitol with current state capitol, Sacramento and travels near historical state capitols Vallejo and Benicia.

A California Biking Holiday via Amtrak

A Relaxing Holiday from Fairfield to Sacramento

by Edward Re

Crows Nest, Australia

Not having any family here, we decided to go bike riding for Christmas. It would be a lazy 60 miles from Fairfield, California to Sacramento via the most bicycle friendly city in the United States — Davis.

Who knew carrying bikes on Amtrak would be so easy. Just cycle up and jump on. There's a special spot at the end of the carriage, and you can carry them for free.

The interior of the train is modern like a plane, except we have masses of space, a table between us. It's quiet and the ride is billiard table smooth.

We got on at Colliseum Station and got off at Suisun (pronounced swiss-soon apparently; much better). We picked up a map of Solano County from a bike shop in town. Too easy. Soon we were rolling on quiet country roads past beautiful farmlands — a cyclist's dream. We saw a couple of emus out in the cold. Normally you'd see these guys in Oz in a hot desert of rust red sand. Don't worry me mates, we'll come back soon to bust you out.

We can now say we've been to Davis by bike. They love bikes so much, the emblem of the city is a penny farthing. Bike lanes and parking racks are everywhere.

The next day we cycled to the current home of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sacramento, the capitol of the fifth biggest economy in the world. The suburbs looked just like on TV (e.g., Eight is Enough). We went to the Rail Museum of course — it was excellent. Old Town unfortunately has a freeway running through it (I-5).

Christmas Day was spent trying to find somewhere to eat. Thank goodness for Chinese restaurants, eh? Then a very interesting train trip had us back in the bay again.

I'd recommend this trip to anyone. What a relaxing holiday.