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"Americas in Training" - The Next Generation

25 Years in the Making

by Joseph Perry

Palmyra, New York

About 25 years ago, my parents took me on my first train trip on the Maple Leaf to Toronto. Over the next decade, my family and I made it a yearly trip. Since then, I have wanted to take my future family on the same trip up to Toronto.

In April of 2007, that dream became a reality. My daughters (aged four and two), my wife (five months pregnant) and I took our first trip together with Amtrak to Toronto on the Maple Leaf.

The included video montage shows some highlights of our first trip aboard Amtrak. We knew it wouldn't be our last, since months after the trip they would still bring up the train ride an point out the Amtrak trains when we would see one go by.

And sure enough, this February, we will take the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago. The only difference will be that along with our two daughters will be our six-month-old son and my parents, bringing this full circle.

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