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You Can Take a Bicycle on the Pacific Surfliner

Los Angeles Without the Freeway Hassle

by Paul Wilcox

San Luis Obispo, California

My name is Paul. I live in a beautiful town on California's central coast called San Luis Obispo, and I travel frequently to the Los Angeles area. I first discovered the option of "riding the rails" after my driver's license was temporarily suspended. When I discovered that you can bring bicycles on the Pacific Surfliner, I thought I'd try something new… commuting around L.A. without the stress of freeway driving.

I'm hyperactive and I have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. But, Amtrak allows passengers to walk and/or stand. With my bicycle and my walkman, I can commute around Los Angeles with the same refreshed relaxation that California's central coast has to offer. Thank you, Amtrak.

Here is a photograph is of me with one of the security guards at the Amtrak depot in Chatsworth. She is the coolest security guard you'll ever meet: sweet, good-looking, yet she still keeps the depot safe at the same time. I'd ask her to go out with me if she wasn't already married.