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Awesome Trip in Business Class

Why Drive? I'll Take the Train

by Christopher Stewart

Lewistown, Pennsylvania

There is a train station just a half mile from my house. I can see the Amtrak train from a window in my house overlooking the rails in the distance. So when I needed to go to Wilmington, Delaware, to visit my cousin I thought, "Why drive? I'll take the train."

Well what a great experience it was. The train was nice and Business Class was well worth the extra money. The first leg of my trip to Philly was 3.5 hours alone. Very comfy and the drinks and paper are included as well as some snacks. Great.

The second leg of my trip was from Philly to Wilmington, Delaware, which was only a short 22-minute ride, but the Business Class was also great on that train.

It really is easy to go by rail and there maybe a layover, but not having to drive is worth that for me. I enjoyed myself a great deal and it was very relaxing.