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An Eco Tip from ARTE the Engineer: Use community household hazardous waste days to properly dispose of harmful materials.

Amtrak Recycles

Taking More Steps to Travel Greener

Eco-savvy Amtrak riders know the value of recycling materials that would otherwise become waste into useful resources. Amtrak is committed to making recycling an integral part of train travel and strives to protect the environment and conserve its resources by reusing material, recycling waste and preventing pollution. Here are just some of the ways Amtrak recycles every day.

Onboard Recycling

  • Each coach and sleeper on the Auto Train has at least one recycling receptacle, helping feed a program that recycles more than five tons of bottles, cans and paper each month.
  • By the end of 2009, all café and lounge cars throughout the Amtrak system will have a receptacle designated for collection of plastic and glass bottles as well as aluminum cans.
  • New recycling receptacles designed to collect bottles, cans and newspapers will installed on all Acela Express trains by early 2010.

Recycling at Engineering & Mechanical Facilities

Mechanical and Engineering facilities have traditionally recycled several materials generated from repair and maintenance work including:

  • Steel parts
  • Scrap metal
  • Metal turnings
  • Cable & wire
  • Used oil
  • Batteries
  • Concrete & wood railroad ties
  • Textiles
  • Mattress foam

In 2008 alone, Amtrak recycled more than 9,800 tons of steel parts and scrap, 90 tons of wire, 225,000 gallons of used oil, and 300,000 pounds of paper from these facilities.

Recycling in Stations

A good deal of passenger's travel time is spent in station areas, so public recycling receptacles are being added where possible in Amtrak-owned station concourses and food courts. Large stations like New York's Pennsylvania Station, Chicago Union Station and Philadelphia 30th Street Station already have recycling programs in place. Small stations are getting on board with recycling too.

As we continue to strive to travel greener, additional recycling initiatives are being developed and programs being implemented throughout the Amtrak system. Look for Amtrak employees wearing “Ask Me About Recycling” buttons or check back here at Whistle Stop for more information.