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Amtrak First Timers

Riding the City of New Orleans to Mardi Gras

by Benjamin Bush

Clanton, Alabama

My wife and I have never been on a train before so we decided to go for a ride. Her co-worker went to New York on Amtrak and said they had a blast, so I went searching.

We booked a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, not thinking about Mardi Gras at all and left Birmingham, Alabama, at noon on Friday. The train was perfect; our attendant's name was the same as my wife's, Tina, so I knew that was a sign. The ride was great and we had a fantastic lunch where we met a guy from Georgia. Dinner service was even better and we met a couple from Boston, Massachusetts.

After dinner Ms. Tina came by our room to check to see if we needed anything before getting off the train. She is from Louisiana, so she gave us some great tips on food, parades and where to go to have a great time. We are so thankful for her advice.

After a great weekend we boarded the train headed back home at 7:00 am. Our return trip was just as good. Mr. Steve was so thoughtful and kind with fresh coffee and the daily news. We had a great breakfast, then a nap for my wife but no nap for me. I just looked out my window and enjoyed the ride.

The train ride was everything we expected and more, we are already thinking about our next trip. Thanks for a great ride.