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Karen is Good to Go

Amtrak Calms a Wary Traveler

by Karen Lusch

Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Several years ago, I found I was unable to fly without the help of medication. Using meds was still not enough, so of course I became homebound or would only travel by car. My sister and her family live in Georgia and the rest of our family in Pennsylvania, which is quite a long trip by car and often left my husband and me moping at the thought of the long drive.

Amtrak — I don't know why I never thought of it before. We decided to give it a try and yahoo. My husband was very comfortable in the seat, but I have restless legs. I tossed and turned in my seat, but I was OK knowing that if the train didn't work out for me, I could get off in DC, get a car and drive home.

We made it — had a great time with my sister and family, then it was time to leave. Aha — Karen got a Roomette for herself. I had a picnic with my bed pulled out, DVD player hooked up and a bag of snacks nearby. I was good to go — watched a movie, unplugged the player and slept like a bear.

Way to go Amtrak — thanks. I can finally travel to my sister's in comfort and without fear.